How long has Artfonfa been hosting events? 
Since February 2018, Artfonfa has hosted 10 art exhibitions showcasing over 400 artists total. 
How do I get involved in Artfonfa Events?
New submission process currently under construction. Contact @artfonfa for more info.
Is there an artist vending fee? Do artists get to keep all of their profits they make from the night?
There is an inexpensive flat vending fee that ranges depending on the change of venue, however Yes! Artists keep 100% of their profits. Artists can showcase/vend whatever they'd like once they purchased their space.
How do I confirm my spot? Do I have to send full payment? Are there refunds?
Artists have the opportunity to send in a half deposit instead of the full vendor fee payment, but please note NO refunds will be issued.
How many people attend the events on average? What is the highest number of RSVPs a show has ever reached?
Attendees could range anywhere from 2000-4000 people throughout the night. The most RSVPs award goes to All That 90s, with almost 20,000 RSVPs.
How old do I have to be to participate or attend ArtFonfa Events?
ArtFonfa Events are a safe space for EVERYONE! Artists can be all ages no matter what, there are very rare times when attendees must be 21+ but overall shows are all ages (10/11 shows so far have been ALL AGES). We try our best to include and make everyone feel welcome. Please see our new submission process for more info. 
Does my art have to be related to the theme of the event? 
Starting 2020 we hope to create more themed events that involve artists and artwork that coincide to create a realm for people to enter. 
Where are the proceeds of the events donated to?
Event proceeds are donated to various non-profit organizations. Some organizations donated to in the past include the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, The Women's Foundation of California, East LA Women's Center and more to come. ArtFonfa Events strive to give a platform to various artists while also donating back to the community. 
What does FREE RSVP mean?
Haha sounds silly but it is asked A LOT! Free RSVP is pretty much the guest list for the show. If you RSVP before the day of the show you get in for free. PERIOD. Artists who have friends or family coming should make sure to have them RSVP for free otherwise there will be a charge at the door and online the day of. 
Where is ArtFonfa Events based? 
ArtFonfa Events is based in Los Angeles. Most shows occur in LA as well as Las Vegas is already on our map. The next locations we are looking to grow to is Denver, New York, Miami, and Atlanta. London and Hong Kong are in the talks as well. Location suggestions are always welcomed as well, contact  

If you have any other questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask either in a form below or email me directly 

Thank you!
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