All committees require more than one person. Please read the descriptions below carefully. You can apply for more than one position and please be open to being part of more than one committee. Please apply here on in the contacts form with a short explanation as to why you think this role would fit you best.
Please keep in mind this is a real commitment that will take time and effort. All tasks must be communicated with and approved by Haley (Artfonfa). Further tasks will be delegated and details will be explained upon involvement. 
Thank you so much for your interest and support.
Performers Committee- responsible for communications/coordination of performers. Creates the set list/schedule and ensure smoothness of the night. Must arrive early to the show to be in charge of sound check and overall flow of performers. Must be present throughout the show. 
Artist Committee- responsible for managing artist communications (via emails, questions during set up, etc.), creating artist diagram with strategy and care, helping with artists’ displays during set up, notifying artists of the appropriate hanging methods, when to take down their booths at the show, and more. 
Programs Committee- responsible for coordinating programs and activities at events like the various themed games, silent auctions, fundraising opportunities and more.
Marketing Committee- responsible for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring all marketing strategy for the team through social media and different integrated marketing efforts in order to increase brand awareness and attendance. Social media committee members are not obligated to be present at shows. 
Public Relations Committee- responsible for maintaining public image for the team by communicating programs and organizing interviews and surveys with attendees and artists to understand different points of view and further improve the events. Promote past accomplishments and prepare media kits with past interviews and articles. 
Development Committee- responsible for planning and overseeing new development initiatives, goals, and strategies for all fundraising campaigns. Plan and implement programs and special events to maximize prospect/donor engagement. 
Community Outreach Committee- responsible for cultivating community contacts to increase awareness and collaborative opportunities for businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies or educational institutions. Reach out to the local communities and ensuring everyone has a chance to be represented.
Recruitment Committee- responsible for networking through different contacts, associations, groups, social media, and more to find future volunteers and team members. Coordinate and implement college recruiting initiatives like internship program, volunteer credit hours, etc. Some volunteer positions to offer include front desk/check in line facilitation, infrastructure, and more. 

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